Removal of trees on your property is something that should be left to a professional company who knows how to safely remove trees while protecting your home and property amenities.


While some trees, even large ones, can be dropped in more open areas of your property, the majority cannot. Most trees that need removal are situated close to your home, garage, business or other buildings.


In these common situations, the professionals at Zim City High Life actually dismantle challenging trees literally limb by limb.


Our hydraulic boom truck
allows for a 58' reach so
that even the highest
branches can easily and
safely be cut and dropped
so that the tree can be
brought down safely.


When trees are located in
areas where our truck
cannot access them, we
can climb those trees and
cut branch by branch
then actually lower them
safely to the ground for


Tree removal of this nature
is truly an art form and Zim
City High Life has the years
of experience and skill to
get even the most challenging
trees down safely and



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